DevLog #6 – The one-year update

Holly crap... It's been a year since the last post! First, let me apologize for the inexistent blog activity. A lot of things have been going on these months! So let's sum everything up in one single, huge devlog update. More information about the game will be coming this summer... - RogueCube one-year update - … Continue reading DevLog #6 – The one-year update

DevLog #5 – Redesigned level Generator

Hi! One more DevLog! Two months after the last one, but I guess new entries will keep coming from now on... with more frequency! (Yep, no joke). Today's topic is an improved feature that I've been working on for a week: a brand new level generator for RogueCube. We will start explaining the very essence … Continue reading DevLog #5 – Redesigned level Generator

Announcement – RogueCube is on Steam Greenlight!

Hi there! Today we bring you a post that is as short as important to the team: RogueCube is on Greenlight! In this period of time, we will be uploading news and actualizations of the game through the social media -even more frequently than usual- so we can keep you informed of how the project … Continue reading Announcement – RogueCube is on Steam Greenlight!

Noticia – RogueCube está en Steam Greenlight!

¡Buenas a todos! La noticia que traemos hoy es tan breve como importante para el equipo: ¡RogueCube está en Greenlight! Durante este tiempo, seguiremos subiendo novedades y actualizaciones del juego a las redes -incluso con mayor frecuencia- para manterneros al tanto del estado del juego. ¡Esperamos vuestro apoyo para que el proyecto siga adelante! ¡Un saludo! … Continue reading Noticia – RogueCube está en Steam Greenlight!

DevLog #3 [ES] – Sobre “bosses” y todo eso

A veces un juego llega a cierto punto en el que debe presentar un gran reto al jugador. Este momento puede llegar por diferentes motivos: puede que quieras ofrecer más diversión, o tal vez  es simplemente que el juego pretende ser difícil, o -este es el caso más común- el usuario necesite cierta habilidad o conocimiento … Continue reading DevLog #3 [ES] – Sobre “bosses” y todo eso

DevLog #3 – About bosses and all that stuff

Sometimes a game reaches a point where a big challenge must be presented to the player. This moment might come due to some reasons: it can be that you want to offer more fun, maybe it's just beacuse the game is meant to be hard, or -this one is the most common one- the user may require certain … Continue reading DevLog #3 – About bosses and all that stuff