DevLog #2 – New RogueCube achieves version 0.9 !

We have started 2017 with a complete rebuild of RogueCube, as we have mentioned previoulsy on our web and Twitter.


It’s been more than a month working on the whole code from scratch, and we’ve finally achieved a playable version -that will get screenshots and gameplay published soon.

From all the improvements that RogueCube has experimented during this period, we find the following ones the most important to highlight:

  • Multiplayer – Currently limited to local CO-OP with a maximum of four players, but the implementation of a LAN multiplayer is actually being considered.
  • New AI – Now enemies can better analyze every situation and choose a response from a large set of actions, such as attacking, chasing,  patrolling, setting traps to the player and more.
  • Better graphics – Interface and characters have been completely redefined.
  • Improved Level Generator.
  • New enemies – with different abilities, patterns and AI.

We wont show more information at the moment, since we are working on the actual Demo release -version 1.0-, but new screenshots and more data will keep going public on our Twitter, so take a look if you want!

See you at 1.0. Cheers!

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