DevLog #4 – The show goes on!

Hi there!

It’s been a while since the last DevLog… but the important thing is that activity is back!

We’ve been so busy these weeks, mostly due to college exams. Also, we launched a Steam Greenlight campaign, which succeded, as you have been able to see in the studio’s Twitter account.

By the way, a long summer is coming and RogueCube has freeway to be developed!

And what have we done this first days being back to work? Mostly, improving some graphic and gameplay issues, such as new level scenarios, some illumination stuff, little AI changes…
Sin título1


On the other hand, the planned upcoming changes are to create a sort of quest system for a campaign mode -as we said in the GL campaign, the game is adopting some little RPG elements- and a nice multiplayer mode, which has a lot of value for us.

In regards further scheduling, we are planning to have RogueCube ready to launch by the end of August -keep in mind this is not a confirmed date.

And that’s all for today, just some info to keep you up to date!

Thanks for reading and you soon!

PJ – game designer and programmer.


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