DevLog #6 – The one-year update

Holly crap… It’s been a year since the last post!

First, let me apologize for the inexistent blog activity. A lot of things have been going on these months! So let’s sum everything up in one single, huge devlog update.

More information about the game will be coming this summer…

– RogueCube one-year update –


New branding.

The new RogueCube logo is cool as hell. Check out this banner:


New platforms.

During the development of RogueCube, Ratalaika Games has offered the possibility of porting the game to consoles. This has led to several modifications in the development process, such as scale, appearance and release date.

They have also helped a lot in other parts of the game production last year, such as paperwork stuff, finding musicians and artists and lots of other kinds of game-making wisdom.


New (unknown) launch date.

As mentioned, things have changed. Some external issues have slowed down the production and the porting option has appeared. The new plan is releasing RogueCube in all the supported platforms the same week, somewhere in the calendar before 2018 ends.


The game has scaled up. Like a lot.

The game has been improved so much for several reasons. One of them is that we really want to stand up in a console release. Also, we support the play-with-friends-in-the-sofa type of games, so the multiplayer options have been enhanced.

Here are some new features in RogueCube:

Game modes

  • The campaign mode is larger, more cohesive and challenging,
  • The co-op campaign will let you enjoy defeating fearsome bosses with a little help of your friends,
  • The versus mode allows you and your friends fight to death to see who is better in a one-to-one battle.

New content

  • Brand new squad of playable characters,
  • New campaign scenarios, full of life and unique enemies and secrets,
  • Redesigned challenging bosses,
  • Tons of weapons,
  • (Even more) improved level generation,
  • And much more to discover…


Yes. As we mentioned earlier, thanks to our mates at Ratalaika, RogueCube will have an awesome original soundtrack.


We’ll keep waiting for RogueCube’s release…





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